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The aims and purposes of this organization are:

1. To develop leadership for the advancement of the best interest of the trappers and the fur industry as a whole.
2. To inspire in our membership a desire to practice the ethics of true sportsmanship toward others who wish to enjoy the recreation pleasures of the outdoors.
3. To impart adequate knowledge to our youth concerning the necessity of conservation.
4. To cooperate with the duly recognized conservation organizations in the furtherance of the objectives of the trapping fraternity.
5. To advocate a comprehensive research program regarding the conservation of native furbearing animals.
6. To cultivate a feeling of goodwill and mutual understanding through a proper respect of the rights of landowners at all times.
7. To eliminate unnecessary cruelty in the employment of steel traps.
8. To discourage and eliminate unjust and fraudulent trade practice in the marketing of raw furs.
9. To aid and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in bringing about the apprehension and just punishment of trap and fur thieves and other game law violators, pertaining to trapping.
10. To oppose, demand revision or repeal of any law or regulation which is biased or discriminative toward the trapping fraternity.
11. To oppose any proposed legislation which would impose unreasonable restrictions on the taking of furbearing animals, or the sale of the pelts thereof: to demand the revision or repeal of any existing law or regulation of the same nature.
12. To oppose any individual or any organization or combination of organizations whose activities are motivated by avarice or whose interests or designs are detrimental to the interest of the trapping fraternity.
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